Special Events & PR 


As ever more school marketing & business managers realise the importance of promoting the wider efforts of their education, I am increasingly being asked to shoot PR type photography within schools.


  By using myself to cover your events we continue the message, supporting your school image.


I'm not just shooting the event, I have an agenda, I am gathering more images more evidence of your school's values and ethos. 


      I often cringe when I see images from a school event in the local newspaper or on social media, as very often the pupils look scruffy and unruly.



It takes just 2 mins to smarten up a dozen students & ask them to stand up straight, ties done up.


It doesn’t have to kill the shot, look over the 100s of images I have on this website you won’t find a loose tie yet I like to think my images look natural and unforced.





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