How I work...

I have covered the photography for over 1500 Schools & Colleges. Working with schools directly and also as a freelancer for many of the big names involved in marketing & design for the education sector.



   I have gained unrivalled skills & experience over the years, that goes so much further than just shooting pretty pictures. I understand how schools work and how I should work with them.



    I aim to produce for your school a set of images that become your visual brand. A positive reflection and promotion of what goes on within your school walls.



     Working with you to promote your schools’ values and ethos.


Each job is approached as blank page. I listen to your objectives and invest time to understand what your School is all about, the little nuances that make you unique. 



Only then can we hope to effectively inform, promote and inspire.









                                                                                            James Kearns, Photographer 07484638798