360 Virtual Tours have now come of age ! 


With our revolutionary software, we can now do anything that can be done on a website within a virtual tour !


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A modern virtual tour is a useful tool for any school, specifically targeted towards the school's local community, many of that audience have not stepped into a school since they were children themselves and have no idea of how well equipped the modern school is. Displayed at local shopping centres, leisure centres, the School Website and social media for all to see, a Virtual Tour can create quite a stir



Special educational needs and disability (SEND)


    Bridging the gap and bringing down barriers, using technology young people respect and understand.      


We are utilizing Virtual Tours as a “Transition” tool for prospective students, for those where English is a second language and for SEND students, where fear of the new is a very real barrier.


The school tour is produced as normal and covers a wide range of the school's facilities, this tour can be embedded into the main school website for all to see and benefits the school as a whole.


For prospective SEND students, the virtual tour can then be personalised for each student to target that person’s likes and interests for example for an arty person, the virtual tour would show just the front of the school, then the art department and art displays around the school. We then add a video, text or voice-over recording to the tour that addresses the student personally!  The tour is then sent to the student via email with a direct link to the student’s personalised virtual tour.


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See an embedded sample below or click HERE to visit a fully functional 360 Tour

Thank you to all that came to see us at the London Design Centre TES SEN show !

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